Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the election year economy argument - what up?

Job Creation Index, Unemployment, GDP, GNP, GNI -

I have researched all the above on the internet from multiple sources and as far as I can tell the data shows that everthing tanked in late 2008 early 2009 and that everything has been trending to the positive since (Unemployment going down, Job Creation going up, etc.)

If this is true then the country is improving from a near record low point in 2008-2009.  So what is the argument for removing a sitting president based on the economy?  That it hasn't improved enough?  That if different steps had been taken things would be significantly better now than they are?  These are childish, fantasy notions about predicting the future and rewriting history with fiction.

To the 6% percent of people in this country that are supposedly independent, thoughtful folk - The country appears to be on a path of recovery from a place so low that it is unprecedented in the life time of most of us.  What about this signifies the need for repealing what is in place and starting over with something else that, while different, cannot be proven to be "better"?  Especially if many of the new policies are similar to those that were in place prior to to the collapse?

How is this even an argument?

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