Thursday, December 6, 2012

How the internet helped pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

So I go to zip up my fly and, arrggg, that annoying event where the zipper handle slips under the fold of denim and the metal is so thin and the fold is so thick and the tolerances are so close that an unthinkingly simple operation now takes several moments of futzing to accomplish.  So now I feel annoyance start to smirk it's little smirk when then the happy thought occurs "I wonder what the name is for that little zipper handle".  In olden times I would have been forced to call the library answer lady, or peruse a dictionary or call my friends to see who had a grandparent that worked in the garment or zipper industries, but instead I simply rush to the Mac and a couple of quick Googles later I can tell you that the handle is called a pull-tab, which is connected to the slider, which connects and un-connects the teeth which make and unmake the chain.

Any day you can learn something is a good day.